7 Savvy Tips to Post Like a Facebook Pro

Facebook fan page successCreate Facebook Page. Check. Upload company logo. Check. Enter your company description & location, choose an appropriate category for your page, enter your contact information. Check, Check, Check. Okay, now that you’ve covered all the basics you’re ready to start building your community of brand supporters. While nearly every person on the planet is on Facebook, it’s not a magical “Field of Dreams” … you’re going to have to do more than just “build” your page and wait for fans to show up. These 7 savvy tips will help you post like a pro and start building momentum for your business.

1.  Post Directly on Your Facebook Page

When you post an update on your Facebook page, some of your followers will see it appear in their news feed … yes, some, not all of your followers. Facebook uses their own algorithm called EdgeRank to decide what to show in a person’s news feed. One of the easiest things you can do to give yourself a better chance of being seen is to post directly on Facebook vs. posting through some third party social media dashboard (i.e. HootSuite, TweetDeck, Postling, etc.). While the third party tools are useful in helping you streamline your work and giving you the ability to schedule posts, Facebook dings you for using them. When at all possible, post your updates directly on Facebook.

2.  Engaging Posts > Fan Page Candy

The vast majority of your fans on Facebook will only visit your Fan Page once. After they “Like” you, they’ll almost exclusively be hearing from you through your updates that appear in their newsfeeds. Don’t spend your time, effort or money on bells & whistles for your Facebook Page. Instead, focus on creating engaging updates that prompt your fans to like, comment on or share your content. When people interact with your updates, you improve your scoring in the EdgeRank algorithm and more people will start seeing your posts. Include photos, ask questions, be engaging – encourage your fans to respond!

3.  “Like” Your Own Posts, Carefully

In the early days, increasing the reach of your Facebook updates is your primary goal and an easy way to do that is by liking your own posts. By default, when you “Like” your own Facebook page updates, you’ll be “Liking” them as your brand page … and it looks a bit funny to see “Company X” likes this post by “Company X”. Go to “Your Settings” in your page’s admin panel and uncheck the “Posting Preferences” box – this way, your “Likes” will show up as “Jane Doe” likes this post by “Company X”.

Facebook fan page posting preferences

4.  Include Links in Your Updates

Links to your website and other interesting sites or blog posts make for engaging updates, when done well. When you type or paste a URL into the “post” box, Facebook attempts to find that page and display a preview of it below the text that you type. These previews generally include an image, the title of the page and a description … and they attract a lot more attention than a plain text post. Once Facebook has generated the preview for your link, delete the URL from the “post” box – it’s redundant, takes up space and draws attention away from YOUR message. Some third party social media apps will also generate this preview image for you – Postling, for example, prompts you to “Add a thumbnail image for selected Facebook accounts” before publishing your update.

5.  @ Works on Facebook Too

Include specific people or other Facebook pages in your updates using the @ symbol. When you @ mention a person or brand in your update, your post will show up in that person’s news feed and the person’s name becomes a link to their profile page. One note, you’re only allowed to @ mention people who you are friends with, not people who just “Like” your Fan page. You can @ mention any company page on Facebook, whether you have “Liked” it or not.

6.  #’s are for Twitter

Hashtags have no meaning on Facebook. If you include them in your Facebook updates, it looks like you’re blasting all of your social networks with one generic message. It screams LAZY. Don’t do it.

7.  Customize your Facebook Page URL

When you first create your Facebook page, your page’s URL is long and includes a 12-digit number … not exactly easy to promote or remember. Go into the “Basic Information” section in your page’s Admin Panel and set your page’s username. Choose a unique username and start sharing it on your website and in your marketing materials!

That’s it. No magic, no rocket science. Be authentic, be engaging and start conversations with your Facebook fans. Is there anything you’d add to this list? Share your experience in the comments below!

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        Ok, lemme see what I can do :-)

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